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Shaun Wong

Human Experience Designer

  • Title Page
    Video Player

    Project: Converting the iflix title page to a video player
    Role: Lead Product Designer
    Date: Nov 2018 to Ongoing
    Objective: Deliver a way to get users to jump right into content they enjoy.
    Tools: | Principle | Figma | Realtimeboard

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  • Share. Discover. Save.

    Project: A social food journal for iOS
    Role: UX Lead, Project Management, Front End Web Developer
    Date: June 2015 to Ongoing
    Milestones: Over 1000 of users tested and 30,000 menu items tagged
    Description: A project goal to create to make food decisions simplier and learn in and outs of startup life, known as bootstrapped ramen profit life. We were so hungry all the time. Special thanks to Clement Wong and Byron Duenas.

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  • Case study

    Medium – Read, write and share stories that matter

    Renewing Medium's focus to help user growth and generate a content strategy regarding it's position while staying true to companies vision.

    • Discovery

      Define Medium's business goals and find user needs to their two-sided market positioning.

    • Research

      Interviewing customers, shareholders and using the secondary research to dig in deeper into Medium's state of mind.

    • Ideate & Test

      Create affinity maps, synthesize the research, create wireframes to build foundations of the idea. Test and iterate the idea.

    • MVP

      Come up with a hi fidelity minimal viable product to present to the client.